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Hockey In Middletown

Opening Day at Middletown Ice World 12.1.2015

North and South Honor the United States before Opening Game 12.1.2015

Hockey in Middletown (H.I.M.) is a non-profit corporation formed in Oct. '99, working to sustain Varsity and JV Ice Hockey in both Middletown, NJ high schools, MIDD NORTH & MIDD SOUTH.

H.I.M. divides money it raises equally between the two schools. We are proud of the players' performance on the ice as well as the growth of our organization (now well over 200) and the hard work of our member volunteers. 

Our membership is evenly divided between the two schools and there has been widespread support from the community and local businesses. South players and families root for North and vice versa.

But when the two teams meet, look out!!! Since 2013, when Middletown Ice World became North and South's home ice, huge sell-out crowds numbering in the thousands have witnessed competitive hockey. 

Please support the businesses that support us! The opportunity to play high school ice hockey will unquestionably add to the positive experience that we all hope our children have through their high school years. Our organization applauds the accomplishments of our teams and we all look forward to the continued growth and success of our programs.


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    David Berkowitz

    David Berkowitz

    Social Media Guy

    Phone: 732-800-2375

    Thomas  Manfredi

    Thomas Manfredi

    Secretary, Hockey in Middletown

    Phone: 646 234 3103